The new TaeKwon-Do Body

ITF UNION Established on 11th April 2015 by a group of Masters and Grandmasters that wanted to remain committed to General Choi’s teachings, the ITF Union is an international body set up to assist instructors and organisations with all their needs. It provides, black belt certification, world class seminars and courses as well as international, regional and World championships. Taekwon-Do has been practiced around the world since 1955 and is now in more then 100 countries. Join our rapidly growing family now and experience the benefits first hand.

What is the ITF Union?

The union was created with the following goals:

1. Follow the teachings of General Choi from a technical and “moral culture” standpoint.

2. Maintain high technical standards and help promote a better understanding of General Choi’s Taekwon-Do by conducting high quality seminars and courses under the auspicious of World famous Masters and Grandmasters.

3. Organise regional and World championships that create a sense of brotherhood. We are one family!

4. Our vision is one of non interference in the national affairs of our members. We do however adhere to strict timeline in terms of Dan/Degree promotions.

The Executives

Every member of the ITF UNION Executive has been promoted to 9th Degree Grandmaster by one of the Korean pioneers of ITF Taekwon-Do. This is a very important trait in our family. We are proud of our lineage and our history. Our Promotion Committee strictly adheres to following the timeline between ranks as laid out by General Choi.