International Traditional Taekwon-do Federation

We are not just another federation, we are a new federation of a new sport, called Traditional Taekwon-Do, with General Choi Hong Hi style. Our intention is to preserve his teachings, history, writings, books…everything related to Traditional Taekwon-Do; with the purpose of achieving his dream: that Traditional Taekwon-Do became an official sport recognised worldwide; affiliated to SportAccord, WADA and any other world sport organization. There is Tennis and Table Tennis; Grass Hockey, Ice Hockey and Roller Hockey; Rhythmic Gymnastics and Artistic Gymnastics; Swimming and Synchronized Swimming; why not Taekwondo and Traditional Taekwon-Do? This is our mission. We want to defend GAISF Constitution and fight against doping in championships.

Our federation will be new and democratic. It will have audited accounts and a Constitution according to SportAccord (GAISF) rules. Since the beginning, SportAccord has supported us and is helping us to become a member, a sport with all rights.

We don’t want to create competence against any other similar sport. We are a new modality, called Traditional Taekwon-Do. Our style is General Choi Hong Hi’s. Without any changes, just the necessaries to the future of our sport and to convert his thoughts and ideas o a reality. History made reality. Not promises nor false illusions. A new International federation that will govern Traditional Taekwon-Do all over the world.

I want to say goodbye making clear that we are not another federation, we are a new sport called Traditional Taekwon-Do, and its federation, ITTAF, will govern its future in the world. Thank you for the support from many national federations of our sport in the world.

Yours in ITTAF and for GAISF,

Grand Master Mario Pons 9th Dan